Snakes en local jusqu'à 8 sur 3DS

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Snakes en local jusqu'à 8 sur 3DS
Le développeur répondant au nom de Desynched nous propose de découvrir un "nouveau" jeu sur 3DS avec Snakes.
La particularité du titre est contrairement à ce que l'on pourrait croire à la vue du titre est l'originalité car avec ce jeu, vous allez pouvoir jouer en réseau jusqu'à 8 joueurs en même temps. 
D'ailleurs vous l'aurez remarqué le titre n'est pas Snake, mais Snakes (au pluriel), le système de jeu est différent, le serpent bouge continuellement que vous le vouliez ou non, pour changer sa direction il faut utiliser le CPad ou le D-Pad.
Bonne nouvelle, le titre est disponible en CIA, 3DSX et 3DS, bref tous les hacks peuvent en profiter directement sans avoir à convertir !



To Start A Game:
Read the instructions on the bottom screen.
Press A to start a one player game. HOLD A to wait for a 2nd player to connect.
Hold B to scan for a room. If more than one room is found, you will be able to choose them from a list. The selected room will be highlighted in yellow. If you see a list, press A to select that room to join it.
When joining a room, you will begin as dead. This is to be fair to the people already playing!
If you join a room, in the round you join in on you will NOT load their previous paths. This is not a glitch, I just decided not to send the entire game history across local play for those watching this round as spectators. The next round will be perfectly fine!
Press Y at the start screen to change your username. This will only be displayed IN the game, not when selecting a host to join. note: unicode characters will not b e correctly displayed, despite being able to select them with the software keyboard.
How to Play:
This version of snake is a little different from the average!
Your snake is always moving, whether you want it to or not!
To change direction, Use the CPad (left thumbstick) for easy curves, or the D-Pad for precise directional changes.
Your snake is a unique color line that grows the more you eat apples. Don't run into yourself or other snakes! If you die, on the bottom screen it will say in parenthesis who you ran into.
Apples are white dots. Run over one and you will gain a point and get much longer than in the average snake game.
Hold A to go twice as fast!
Hold B to go twice as slow!
Press Y to move the apple once! You can only do this once until someone scores a point. You can still do this when you are dead! Annoy the last one standing by moving it around right before they get it!
Once everyone is dead, or the last one alive gets the highest score, the round will end. To continue, press A! You may not be able to press A right after the round ends, it will be ignored for one second. Once everyone presses A, the next round will begin! You can tell if someone is ready by noting a green R under their score.
Some META:
If the apple is stuck in the center of a square/circle of your long tail, you can teleport it by pressing Y, or you can move in layers (back and forth) to use up the least amount of space possible. Eventually the end of your tail will stop wrapping around the apple as it catches up to you.
Having trouble getting the apple? Hold B when getting close to it for fine maneuvers!
In multiplayer, you basically have one of two goals:
Get apples until you are big enough to kill everyone else
Kill everyone first by moving quickly, then grab the remaining apples needed to get the highest score.



Téléchargement : Snakes v0.1 (Alpha)
Dimanche 08 Janvier 2017, 12:11 par tralala.
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08 janvier 2017, 12:40
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08 janvier 2017, 13:01
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Bonne initiative un jeu de plus
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08 janvier 2017, 13:45
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08 janvier 2017, 18:57
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Le système de jeu est différent, le serpent bouge continuellement que vous le vouliez ou non, pour changer sa direction il faut utiliser le CPad ou le D-Pad.

Comme dans tous les jeux de Snake quoi.... Après, à 8, les parties doivent durer en moyenne 5s je pense...
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09 janvier 2017, 20:36
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Merci pour la news
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