[3DS] GodMode9 v1.3.1 de d0k3 disponible (maj)

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[3DS] GodMode9 v1.3.1 de d0k3 disponible (maj)
En plus de proposer sa nouvelle solution GM9link pour lancer GodMode9 à partir du HomeMenu, le développeur a aussi mis en ligne une nouvelle version de l'un de ces programmes phares destiné à la 3DS.
Il a fait en effet évoluer GodMode9 en version v1.3.0 et comme d'habitude les changements sont conséquents.
Cela passe notamment par le support de l'horloge RTC, cela permettra de corriger les erreurs liés aux dates, il a ajouté de nouvelle variables DATESTAMP / TIMESTAMP pour les scripts, et a retravaillé pas mal de chose que l'on retrouve dans le changelog grâce à Wolfvak, un autre développeur qui a réalisé pas mal de fork de GM9.

GodMode9 v1.3.0
New release already, with some much wanted features. This is new:
- RTC clock support - that means (among other stuff) correct dates for FAT file modifications. Be sure to read the updated quick start guide below.
- New DATESTAMP / TIMESTAMP variables for scripting (see HelloScript.gm9, also take note of the changed NAND backup scripts).
- Chainloading FIRMs - big thanks go to @Wolfvak, who did all the heavy lifting. The option for this is in the A button menu.
- Independent FIRM - this means GM9 can now run out of the FIRM0/FIRM1 partition. Don't do this if you don't know exactly what you're doing. Thanks for this go to @Wolfvak, again.
- You can now create dummy files of any size via R+Y.
- The usual batch of smaller fixes and improvements.
Big thanks for this release go to @Wolfvak, who made this possible, also @al3x10m, who again did a tremendous amount of testing. The RTC clock feature was, again, made possible by @profi200, with some help from RTChanger author @Storm-Eagle20. Thanks to all of you!
Important hint (1): As stated in the previous release, this release removes all entrypoints other than FIRM. Use an older release if you really have to use this from a pre-sighax entrypoint.
Important hint (2): As I get asked about what requirements an aeskeydb.bin file has to fullfil a lot, a perfect one can be found somewhere on the net, is exactly 1024 byte big and has an MD5 of A5B28945A7C051D7A0CD18AF0E580D1B. Have fun hunting! Also note that on a boot9strapped system this is purely optional.
Important hint (3): Starting with this release, it is recommended you properly set up your RTC clock once. Find the option via HOME button -> More.... Also keep in mind that you should fix your system OS clock afterwards.



Téléchargement : GodMode9 v1.3.1
Lundi 07 Août 2017, 07:30 par tralala
Source : github.com/d0k3/GodMode9/releases/
07 août 2017, 09:33
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merci pour l'info .
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07 août 2017, 10:55
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Great, merci !
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07 août 2017, 22:17
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08 août 2017, 00:31
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Merci pour l'info ! Je me demandais comment doit-on procéder pour le mettre à jour?
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08 août 2017, 03:48
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Merci pour l'info ! Je me demandais comment doit-on procéder pour le mettre à jour?

Il suffit de copier le fichier Godmode9.firm sur la carte SD dans le dossier payload à l'intérieur du dossier luma.
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08 août 2017, 19:41
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GodMode9 v1.3.1
@d0k3 d0k3 released this 2 hours ago

Yes, I derped. The last release broke the very important FAT mount feature, effectively leading to certain stuff in a certain guide no more working. Sorry!

This wouldn't be GodMode9 if I wouldn't at least give you a new goody that makes the update worthwile for you. This is new:

Fixed the broken FAT image mount feature
ISO 8601 standard used for date&time
Brightness is changeable via the volume slider, courtesy of @Wolfvak, with some additions by @al3x10m
Thanks everyone (all five of you, lol) who opened up an issue and pointed out this issue to me. Everyone please update, have fun.
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